"His amazingly gentle personality as well as his knowledge of nutrition, health, and so much more makes him superior. After going to 8 different doctors (from gastro drs., acupuncture, internal med. drs.) with horrible digestive problems, Dr. Binley was the ONLY one that was able to help me and [be] honest about what it would take to get healthy and feel better. He is the BEST!!"
- C.H.
"He has healed me so many times over the past 17 years…(a) wealth of knowledge on nutrition and functional medicine."
- Susan J.
"My husband and I were treated for candida and other hard to treat digestive issues and we were both able to turn our health around. Dr Binley doesn't look for a quick fix, he takes the time to take care of you and educate you. Functional medicine is a practice that makes sense and he is very knowledgeable and continues to learn and share his knowledge."
- Lina C.
"...the only ones able to diagnose my gluten intolerance while all other doctors had put me on antibiotics and steroids to (unsuccessfully) mask the symptoms I was having. They know it all - diet, supplements...incredibly recommended - my life would literally not be the same without their knowledge and care."
- Dasha F.
"Through a series of many tests ordered by Dr. Binley, we were able to identify a lot that was amiss in my body and developed a treatment plan based upon my test results. I also changed a lot about my lifestyle (reduced stress, exercise, better/more) sleep...the therapies offered by Dr. Binley have been instrumental in (my) feeling 500% better than I did before I started seeing him.."
- Andrea M.
"My experiences with Dr. Binley are reflected in my ongoing dramatic health improvements...I do know that ALL of my medical symptoms (neck pain, inflammation, weight gain, gut pain, unclear thinking, fibromyalgia pain, etc…) are improved because of this man. Dr. Binley has been my biggest supporter…"
- Tracy F.
"Dr. Wade Binley has been a life saver to our family in many ways...our daughter had serious digestive issues that Dr. Binley issued blood testing for and we were able to develop a plan with his guidance as he is certified in Gluten sensitivity."
- Leslie L.
"I am so grateful for Dr. Binley and the impact he has had on me and my family. Dr. Binley spent so much time speaking with and educating my son...regarding nutrition for optimal physical recovery and brain health. Dr. Binley is a very honest, knowledgeable individual who truly cares about his patients. In addition, Dr. Binley has made nutrition and dietary recommendations for me that have given me more energy and improved my feeling of well being. When I have a question or need information, their office is so friendly, efficient and accommodating."
- Gayle C.
"...after I had gone to my regular Dr for my yearly check up and after a few tests, I had found out I had a lot of issues with inflammation and calcium build up around my heart. Here I am more than a year later, I would be healed with following his treatment plan and I continue maintaining it with him, as I have never felt this well, in a very long time and I have Dr. Binley...to thank for that."
- Holly W.
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