Nutritional Protocols

Nutritional Protocols

There are two reasons you need to take supplements: to get healthy and to stay healthy. “But I eat well!” you might say. “Why can’t I get everything I need from my food?”

If you lived in a perfect world, where you ate only whole foods fresh from their source, drank only pure untainted water, exercised fully, and breathed only pure air unmarred by any pollutants, you might get close. You’d also need freedom from chronic stress, as well as adequate sleep, optimal sunlight exposure, a proper healthy microbiome from birth, and an absence of any disease or deficiency as a starting point.

This, however, is the real world.

  • Industrially farmed hybridized food grown on depleted soil with chemical fertilizer has dramatically reduced the nutritional density of what we eat compared to the fresh wild foods we evolved upon.
  • The chemical pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and fertilizers used in industrial farming place a great toxic load on our systems.
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) spliced into our food represent another stress to our systems, causing illness.
  • The water we are exposed to from our taps and with which we water those crops is contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, lead, mercury, fuel biproducts (dioxins, percholate), chlorine, mercury and lead. These contaminants have been found far from their sources, with no part of the world being immune from them.
  • Our water supplies are also tainted with a poly-pharmacy of every drug on the market, and we are exposed to that water from our showers and taps, as well as our food.
  • The air we breathe is not completely free of pollution, no matter where we live.
  • Processed factory-made food is especially devoid of nutrients, and full of preservatives, chemicals and GMOs.
  • Unfortunately, even organically produced foods are also affected by impure water and air.
  • Vaccinations carry lingering detrimental effects.
  • Past medical treatments, including chemotherapy, psychotropic drugs, antibiotics, and cholesterol or blood pressure-lowering drugs have depleted our vitamin and mineral stores, and upset the balance of our microbiome.
  • Our genetics have not caught up to a world that has changed more environmentally in the last 50 years than in the last 3,000.

Add to all of this our chronic stress, lack of sunlight intake, environmental toxins and pharmaceutically-induced deficiencies, and it’s no wonder we commonly suffer deficiencies, the most common being of vitamins D, A, and B12, as well as iron, calcium, iodine, and magnesium. Plus, our genetics can reveal personal vulnerability toward certain diseases. In addition, our microbiomes are typically not optimal, often lacking enough diverse beneficial bacteria, and hosting pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and even parasites.

Staying healthy in such an immoderate world is a Herculean task without supplementation.

Getting healthy from a chronic disease without supplementation is nearly impossible. If you are already ill, you will need a powerful toehold to stop your slide, and a mighty force to launch you back to health. You will want to change things as quickly and effectively as possible, and repair damage. For you, a properly designed, personalized and targeted nutritional protocol can enable the most swift course correction to get back on track. This is part of the IB Solutions Method, in the proper order of things, with careful prioritization done to address your health concerns in a manner that will be effective, and safe.

This is a highly personalized process, because no two individuals are the same. You cannot download the currently popular internet cure-of-the-day, throw some Big Box Store vitamins and herbs at yourself, and expect success. This is typically not helpful, and can often be harmful. If you are suffering from bloating, cramping and diarrhea, for example, we need to first figure out what is likely to be its root cause before recommending any protocol. If you have a parasite, your protocol will be very different in key components from that of someone else with the same symptoms but no parasite. This personalization is at the heart of the IB Solutions Method.

Once your health is turned around, such intensity can be shifted to a maintenance program.

Please understand that when I say “maintenance,” I am in no way diminishing the importance of such a program: the modern world is full of onslaughts to your health, and you need highly potent weapons to counter the daily grind to age healthily, both after recovering from an acute illness and if you begin from a starting point of no active illness or disease.

Many of my clients in fact do claim such a starting point: they aren’t sick, but they want to age actively, without chronic illness, avoiding prescriptions, and want to know concrete tools personal to them to use in order to do so. An IB Solutions maintenance program is targeted to individual needs and profile, based on your unique identifiers derived from customized lab results: after creating your Solutions Blueprint, we can target items personal to you that represent areas you should pay specific attention to, possibly for the rest of your life. This is a powerful tool, as far from generic as you could get.

The optimized nutritional protocol component of each Solutions Blueprint will contain supplements derived only from fresh pure sources, manufactured by trustworthy producers, free of unnecessary additives, colors, fillers and allergens. You will not find this at your local big-box, warehouse, grocery or drug store. The companies from which I have sourced all of IB Solutions nutritional protocols meet these requirements.

In addition to my clients trying to reverse a current illness or chronic disease or to maintain good health, there are those who know of certain diseases in their family tree, or genetic makeup. For them, and those like them, I have designed specific protocols shown to support the body’s natural ability to prevent and avoid such lifestyle-induced diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration, anxiety and/or depression, hypertension, or cancer, among other chronic diseases.

I am not a medical doctor trained in pharmaceuticals and surgery and I do not treat any specific disease. In contrast, I am an expert in nutrition. I access cutting edge research to educate my clients about current nutritional and lifestyle discoveries to equip them to make their best choice of supplements to take for their goals. I have thousands of hours of education in nutrition, both in my formal education, and thirty-plus years of continuing education.

Most importantly, I am passionate about health! I study because I love it, driving my constant research to bring the best to my clients, and fulfill my mission to heal the planet, one colon at a time. These nutritional protocols offer support to the body’s natural systems to maximize its inborn capabilities to heal and thrive. Add to that proven beneficial lifestyle changes, and my clients are taking their health to its highest level.

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