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IB Solutions Method

This means going beyond symptoms to find out what may have caused them. Taking the time to find out what’s going on in your body beyond the immediate, obvious symptoms is an critical step. Many people can share the same symptoms, yet have completely different causes for them. Each person is unique.

Is your illness caused by trauma? Or is its origin infection (candida, infection, parasite)? Toxic exposure (including heavy metals)? Allergies or intolerances? Or, nutritional deficiencies? Each of these root causes requires a different solution.

Dr. Binley does not guess, trying “this or that” and hoping it works. Whether “this or that” is a medical prescription or comes from a health food store, throwing a one-size-fits-all solution at a client is the same unacceptable approach: kind of like debating which towels soak up the water best, instead of fixing the leak which is actually causing the mess!

Instead, Dr. Binley has developed the IBSolutions Method.

This takes time at the beginning to figure out what is going on, and then figure where to go and how to get there. Your course of treatment will be targeted and personal: unique, just like you.

What to Expect

  • First, a complete history. You will fill out a very comprehensive intake questionnaire, which Dr. Binley will read before seeing you.
  • During your 60-minute first visit, Dr. Binley will physically examine you, and listen to you, so that he gets a clear understanding from you about your situation. He will explain how the IB Solutions Method works, and together you will discuss if that might be a good fit for you.
  • If so, he will request certain tests to gather more information.
  • He will review each completed test with you, one at a time, as the results are received.
  • Personal protocols will be created for you, incorporating food and lifestyle, and cutting-edge pharmacy-grade nutritional supplements, including Dr. Binley’s own formulations. You may have sequential courses of treatment – safety and efficacy being top priority – depending what is revealed in your test results.
  • Dr. Binley may have protocols for you to begin before all results are received, if certain test results warrant it. Your treatment may begin before all results are received if that is appropriate, with adjustments possible as more information is gleaned.
  • Frequency and number of follow-up appointments depends on the complexity of your situation, including how long you have been ill, and how diligent you are in making changes.

Piece by piece, the unique clinical mosaic that is your health is depicted, and a course based on real data is charted. Each of the six root causes of chronic disease will each be addressed.

Progress is individual, based on many factors. Most of Dr. Binley’s clients who are willing to make changes, work hard and follow through make significant progress toward restored health quite quickly. They usually start to feel significantly better soon. Truly conquering a chronic disease via nutrition and lifestyle changes can often take 18 months to three years, with those suffering more complex and/or more long-standing conditions taking longer.

The goal of the IB Solutions Method is to fire you!

Don’t be shocked by that — what it means is that a client who heals and is then on his or her way out into the world with restored health is our aim for you. We love seeing a client move from misery to an annual check-in or two. If the IB Solutions Method seems like a good fit for you, please contact us. It would be our privilege to be of service.

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