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3 “Healthy” Foods I Do Not Eat – and Neither Should You

Just because something is said in the media does not make it true. And just because something is legally sold, doesn’t mean it’s good for you…or even safe for you to consume. Maybe that seems obvious…but the bombardment of sales messages we get daily can be very persuasive! It almost seems like the food companies …

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Whats Wrong with mouthwash

What’s Wrong With Mouthwash???

Cholorhexidine: it’s a KILLER Cholorhexidine is a common ingredient in most over the counter and prescription mouthwashes – as well as fluoride mouthwashes for cavity reduction. It is a bactericidal, intended to “kill the bacteria that causes bad breath.” Cholorhexidine may or may not do that, but this chemical certainly kills the good microbes in …

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BLOG: 10 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

10 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Is Intermittent Fasting MAGIC??? Not at all! It is the furthest thing from magic, but can almost seem like a secret magic spell you’ve just heard of once you start reaping its benefits: better digestion, stronger immunity, fat loss, more energy, deeper sleep, improved brain function – these are just some of the benefits that …

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BLOG: Lectins - Friend or Foe?

Lectins: Friend or Foe?

Hello, Lectins!        Lectins are getting a lot of attention these days, as increasing scientific findings concerning their impact on health are discovered.  In my Functional Health practice, IB, I have been teaching patients about lectins for years as part of their ongoing “Gut Education.” What is a Lectin? Lectins are found in most of …

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PROCREATION: The 5th and Highest “Hunger of Health”

The Fifth Hunger is at the very top – the apex  – of the 5 Hungers of Health. This is the highest of the hungers, the hunger which all the others support. PROCREATION is the human drive to reproduce (it’s more than that, too, which I’ll explain). Without first satisfying the other four hungers in the …

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Elimination – the 4th “Hunger of Health”

ELIMINATION: the 4th “Hunger of Health”

What if I told you your cells were eating themselves…and that this was a GOOD thing? “Autophagy,” which translates to “self-eating” is the name of the miraculous function of our body to clean itself of damaged cells, and take out the trash within each cell. This function happens all the time, in every single cell …

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