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My Own Story

I have walked my own Functional Healthcare story, and learned how vital it is to focus on the PERSON, not the DISEASE. This is why I have learned to help people by starting with WHY – find out about each person as a whole – rather than only look at WHAT – the symptoms.

If our starting point is different, hopefully our ending point will be different, too: HEALING rather than just management of symptoms.

IBSolutions is a Functional Healthcare clinic, where we focus on cause, not symptom. We recognize each individual as the unique creation of genetics and biochemistry you are, with a unique set of environmental and lifestyle factors that has brought you to this point.

I do not not diagnose, treat or cure DISEASE, because I am a HEALTH expert, not a disease expert. I look at all eleven systems of the body, and support a return to health with nutrition, lifestyle and guidance to rebalance.

Our Services

Functional Healthcare: going beyond disease management to create health

Nutritional Protocols: how I use supplements to shift you back to health
IBSolutions Method: how I approach Irritable Bowel, Inflamed Body, Impaired Brain
Structural Care: Chiropractic, Frequency Specific MicroCurrent, CranioSacral Therapy

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